Hi, I’m Michele /miˈkɛːle/.
Pronouns he/his/him.
Made in Italy.
Currently in Köln.

If you need help to tell your trustworthy story to run your business in the right way or boost it, do not hesitate to drop a line. Maybe I could be the right one to help you achieve your goal.

I graduated in 2009 in User centred design at Politecnico di Milano. Since then I’ve been continuously working in the communication field, in small and big companies, small and big agencies, both Italy and Germany. Since 8 years I’ve been focusing on digital, pixel-perfect interfaces and logo design.

Due to my obsession with typefaces and icon design, I couldn’t have done any other job. Apart from professional aquascaping.

Since 2009 I had the honour to work with and for:

“Your logo isn’t visible,
nor accessible.”

My logo is almost black, usually on a very dark background.

Many pros would say “it’s not visible, not accessible — what a beginner mistake!”

Well, my 11-year-old logo represents what I am. It is humble, in some circumstances barely visible.

Good design is invisible.

Perfect design remains forever.

Let's get to know each other.

© 2023 Michele Pastore. All rights reserved.

© 2023 Michele Pastore. All rights reserved.